This 28mm scale selection of tables and chairs is 3D printed in brown. There is a long bar tabletop, and round and square tables, chairs, and bar stools. They would make a great addition to an encounter inside a tavern or village in your Dungeons & Dragons, Pathfinder or other tabletop game.

All items are 3d printed using nontoxic, biodegradable PLA. They look great unpainted, but you can paint them just like any other miniatures.

★ There are different variations: ★
1 Round Table (Size: height 20 mm, width 25 mm, depth 25 mm)
1 Square Table (Size: height 20 mm, width 20 mm, depth 20 mm)
1 Long Straight Bar/Table (Size: height 20mm, width: 105mm, depth 20mm) This piece can be used as a bar or just a long table
2 Chairs (Size: height 25 mm, width 10 mm, depth 10 mm)
2 Bar Stools (Size: height 18 mm, width 10 mm, depth 10 mm)

Character miniature on photo is only shown for scale and does not come with the item.
Printed with permission from Fat Dragon Games. Original .stl files of this model can be purchased from www.fatdragongames.com.

28mm Tables and Chairs for D&D Dungeon Furniture

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