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About Miniature Town

Combining my Two Hobbies of 3D Printing and Tabletop Gaming

As a player and a dungeon master, I love to use d&d miniatures and dungeon terrain when playing tabletop games like Dungeons and Dragons. I started out printing miniature terrain tiles and decorations for my own games and then decided to offer miniatures to others. In January of 2018, I started an etsy shop and when that took off and became successful, I recently started this separate website so that I can add a blog and have more control over my store.

Since I've started this business, I've shipped out almost 1,700 orders! I love talking to my customers about how they're using the items and seeing their photos of painted miniatures and hearing about their games. I consider myself to be lucky to have my dream job!

My current workshop includes ten 3d printers, and already have my sights on more.

I only offer products that I am licensed to print and sell. I am happy to be working with so many great 3d designers from Fat Dragon Games, Hero's Hoard and Ill Gotten Games, Black Scrolls Games, and more.