This 28mm set of 3 boats are 3D printed in brown plastic (nontoxic biodegradable PLA) and unpainted. These color was chosen because they looks great unpainted, but you can easily paint them too!

The set comes with 3 boats:
1 Small Sail boat. The sail comes separately and needs to be glued on. (Size: height 65mm, width 65mm, depth 36mm)
1 Row Boat A. Comes with 2 oars. (Size each: height 12mm, width 75mm, depth 36mm)
1 Row Boat B. Comes with 2 oars. (Size each: height 12mm, width 100mm, depth 38mm)

You can get other ships and docks to go with the boats here:

This product only includes the boats and not any docks or miniatures in the photos, those are for display purposes only,

The row boats are designed by Arian Croft of Ill Gotten Games and printed with permission. http://www.illgottengames.net/products/

3-piece Set 28mm Boats for Nautical Terrain

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