These 4 pieces of 28mm scale treasure chests are 3d printed in brown. There are 3 different treasure chests and 1 mimic chest. You can buy them separately or as a set. They could be used for a pirate treasure or found on a shipwreck in a nautical/seafaring campaign in a tabletop RPG like Dungeons & Dragons.

All items are 3d printed using nontoxic, biodegradable PLA. They look great unpainted, but you can paint them just like any other miniatures.

★You can choose one chest or get all 4:★
1 x Skull/Crossbones Chest
1 x Octopus Chest
1 x Chained Chest
1 x Mimic Chest
(Average Size: height 25mm, width 20mm, depth 15mm)

You can check out the "Docks & Ships" category for more related items.

Character miniature on photo is only shown for scale and does not come with the item.

Source models are copyright Hero's Hoard/EC3D Designs, provided as an officially licensed seller.

4-piece 28mm Pirate Treasure Chests

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