This 4-piece set of a nest and 3 egg objects is 3D printed in brown and silver gray. It comes with a brown nest, a monster egg, a monster egg shell fragment (to show a monster has recently hatched), and a dragon egg.

All items are 3d printed using nontoxic, biodegradable PLA. They look great unpainted, but you can paint them just like any other miniatures.

★ Product Details ★
1x brown nest (size: height 20mm, length 75mm, base depth 70mm)
3x silver egg objects (average size: height 15mm, length 25mm, base depth 20mm)

Miniature dragon and adventurer shown for scale only and not included with the nest. Printed with a merchant license from Black Scrolls Games. https://www.blackscrollsgames.com/

D&D Monster or Dragon Nest with Eggs

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